QCSEA was established in 1989 to assist community organizations with their role as employers of staff.  Recognizing that many community groups were time and resource poor, QCSEA set out to provided them with much needed support in the area of IR at reduced cost.

Through training, newsletters, information and telephone advice, QCSEA assisted community groups to navigate complex industrial instruments and meet their legal obligations.  

Employees have always had assistance from Unions, but until the formation of QCSEA, many Employers in community service organizations did not have the benefit of specific assistance tailored for not-for-profit community organizations. 

A gentleman by the name of Alex Grant was instrumental in establishing the group, and in 1995 a formal agreement with Joe Patti from Employer Services was signed.  This partnership has grown strong over time and QCSEA and ES have now become synonymous with many community organizations.

QCSEA became an Incorporated Association in 1998.

Sliding scale fees started in December 2000

QCSEA has been instrumental in helping organizations adjust to a number of significant industrial events including:

  • The introduction of SACS and DSW Awards
  • Various changes to both State and Federal Industrial Acts
  • Work Choices; and now 
  • Award Modernization.


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